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Student Centred Learning

Central in our approach to teaching and learning in Gorey ETSS is to enable learners to become not only successful learners but also responsible members of society, effective workers, caring members of the community and lifelong learners in an interdependent world.

We use research based teaching methodologies integrated with digital technology to prepare all students to achieve the highest academic standards and become lifelong learners. Our highly skilled teachers nurture and support creativity and innovation and provide opportunities for all learners to discover and engage their creative capacities.

Our curriculum is organised around clear learning outcomes that enable students to have greater ownership of, and active participation in, their learning. By having clear learning intentions and outcomes along with co created success criteria the teacher and more crucially the learner have a clear and shared understanding of the purpose and goal of the lesson or the unit of work and what successful achievement of that goal will look like.

Learning outcomes allow for a more personalised and inclusive learning experience and provide a fuller picture of student attainment as they take account of the knowledge, skills and attributes students have gained. They also identify future directions for personal and intellectual development.

We believe in developing self directed, independent learners and as such seek to provide a more personalised learning environment where the use of active learning methodologies, group work, team teaching and project based learning allows student to interact with peers more often and engage more meaningfully with their teachers.

In placing the student at the center of the learning experience we aim to develop a school environment where the teacher–student relationship can be enhanced so all young people feel safe and are happy, motivated and engaged with learning.

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May 27
Summer Exams
May 31
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