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Homework Club

Homework Club

Homework Club gives students the opportunity to complete homework with a teacher available to advise them if they are finding something difficult. It is a space to focus on and complete assignments and tasks set in classes.

Often students peer teach and help each other improve at various subjects during this time. Students who join find it helpful in developing study and organisational skills. It is of great benefit to students to get the bulk of their homework done before they go home. Students are encouraged to bring a healthy snack to help energise the brain after the day's classes.

The club is free and open to all students. It takes place weekdays Monday – Thursday from 15.30 to 16.30. It provides a positive atmosphere to support and enrich students’ educational experience by focusing on organisational and social skills, self-esteem and it empowers students with a love of learning. In this club, students take ownership of their learning.

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