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Additional Educational Needs

Student Supports in Gorey ETSS

The Additional Educational Needs Department works closely with outside agencies, staff, parents and the student themselves to ensure that the student is receiving a level of support that will help them succeed at school. This support is well planned, individually targeted and of high quality as we support our students to reach their full potential.

Please see below for the different support areas where we provide interventions for our students.

Definition of Additional Educational Need

Special Educational Need (SEN) is now often referred to as Additional Educational Need (AEN). This term refers to any student that requires more support because of a particular need or diagnosis. It also refers to the needs of exceptionally able students so they are challenged and supported in an educational setting. At Gorey ETSS, we have measures, strategies and practices to support students with additional educational needs.

  1. In Class Support

In Class Support (ICS) is provided by another teacher or a qualified Special Education Teacher (SET). ICS allows for specific, targeted interventions relating to academic, social or emotional issues a student may be having. Students are identified for in class support if they received any level of support in primary school. ICS is tracked daily and if the student does not need this intervention it is withdrawn and the parents are informed.

  1. Co Teaching

This is when two teachers, collaborate to deliver the curriculum to a class. It can be for a full year or an intervention of a block of weeks. It allows two teachers to monitor, assess and support all students in the classroom and is seen as much more favourable than withdrawing a student. It can be particularly beneficial for high achieving students or students that may be struggling with the course content as the teachers work to differentiate work according to ability. It is a very inclusive approach to education.

  1. Identifying needs

If your child has been identified in primary school as having an additional need, and is in receipt of support, the AEN Coordinator will be in contact with you during their 6th class year to discuss your child’s individual needs and to seek permission to discuss your child with their primary school.

We work closely with all the primary schools to gather information on any additional needs before your child start in September. We liaise with Student Support Coordinators in these schools and plan a smooth transition between primary and post primary setting.

Our goal is to build a close working relationship between parents, SNAs and the AEN Department so that your child reaches their own individual potential and strives to be the best student they can be in Gorey ETSS

  1. Student Assessment

Students all learn at a different rate and sometimes additional needs are not identified until post primary school. In Gorey ETSS we allocate time for co teaching and in class support, especially in first year, so children’s progress can be monitored and any concerns raised. If we are worried about a social, emotional or academic issue your child is having we will ring and organise a meeting. A Psychological assessment or link to an outside agency may be recommended and supports for your child will be put in place. It is important that a plan is in place for your child as soon as they begin experiencing difficulties. There may only be a need for a short term intervention until they settle into post primary setting.

  1. Special Needs Assistants

Many children had a Special Needs Assistant (SNA) in their class in primary school and they may be in many of their classes in Post Primary too. They are there to support the care needs of a group of children or one specific child. They work closely with Support teachers, parents and students on a daily basis.

  1. Student Support Files (SSF)

Students that have an assessment carried out by an Educational Psychologist or are working with outside agencies like TUSLA will have a SSF. This is a document that the AEN Department create listing strengths, needs, recommendations and targets. Parents and students voices are integral in the creation of the SSF. This document is reviewed after Christmas with parents, the student (and an SNA if relevant) and at the end of the year. Strengths, needs and targets are changed accordingly. Parents and students are consulted throughout this process and are aware of any interventions the school put in place to support the student.

The aim of the AEN Department is to monitor students and slowly wean some of the different supports away as they progress and move up through school. We create opportunities for independence and growth so by the time the student graduates 6th year they do not require the same level of support as they had in 1st year.

Additional Information:

For further information on any of the supports provided for students with additional educational needs, please contact the school

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