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End of Term Round Up

End of Term Round Up

Below is a round up by our students, of just some of the events and news that has taken place over the last few weeks in GETSS.


The students are working hard in the technology class, cutting wood and drilling. The students are making lamps. It started on the 21st of April, and it is still going we are predicting they will be done by next week.

Students start by marking out the wood to cut and drilling using a coping saw, a junior hacksaw a wireless drill and a vice grip to hold it in place. After they cut and drill everything, they must sandpaper the wood to make sure they can’t get splinters.Then the students get all their parts together and then they assemble by putting screws in and gluing.

We have not finished the lamps at the time we are writing this article, but we have an amazing sketch to show you what it will look like.


Easter Assessment

Last week in school we did our Easter Assessments for 2022. What we did in our Easter Assessments were as follows:

For English we had to write a 3-paragraph page of writing on something we were passionate about. Some people wrote about their pets, some people wrote about sailing and others wrote about sports they play. For Irish we did an oral which was just questions.

For Spanish we had to record ourselves talking about our house. In Science we did a Science Fair explaining how different things work in Science. In History we had to write about a Roman god of our choosing. In Geography we made a project about something geography related. In Maths we explained a part of a maths problem to our teacher. In Home Economics we made spaghetti bolognaise while the teachers graded us.

In Business we made a project about insurance. In Technology we were graded on making a light bulb. In Art we did a PowerPoint about any sculptor artist. In Technical Graphics we did a drawing CBA. In Music we did a ukulele video.

Flood Drill

April the 1st was the day of April fools and is all about pranks and jokes.

On April’s fool’s day this year our teachers played a joke on us that there was going be a flood in our school we had to lay on our tables and swim like a fish or we had to lay our table on its face and sit in it like we were in a boat the flood was going to come down for our new school. It was great fun!

Careers Week: Farm Visit

For Careers Week our English and Irish Teacher decided to bring us to her family’s farm. It was a lovely visit and the students enjoyed seeing what farm life is like on a daily basis.

We started our trip by getting on the bus which came at 11:00.Once we got there, we got to see the calves!The students really liked seeing them and took some pictures.Then we moved on to seeing the cows!After that we went to the silage pit.It did not smell nice.Some students even smelled it!After that we went down to the fields, then we went to the milking parlour and saw how the cows get milked.Helen's parents were kind enough to make the teachers tea and give the students drinks and some snacks.

Overall, it was a great visit and we hope to go again!

Movement Breaks

In Gorey Educate Together Secondary School we started doing movement breaks.A movement break is a break where you get up and get moving. Every first and last class we get a chance to stand up and start doing exercise.

Some of these exercises include ; wall-sits, squats and other movement activities. Wall sits are an exercise that involves leaning against a wall with your knees at a 90 degree angle, and feet planted on the floor. You can hold it for a minute, two minutes, or however long you’re able. It helps to strengthen your bones and joints and promote functional strength and endurance. A squat is an exercise where the person lowers their hips from a standing position and then stands up again. During a squat, the calf muscle activity increases especially when the feet are extended forward to the centre.

These breaks are great if students are feeling tired or bored because they get an opportunity to stand up and exercise! Movement breaks can be fun but sometimes difficult. They are a great idea!

Poc Fada

On Tuesday the 15th of March, we held a Poc Fada championship at our school. Both classes competed in Gorey District Park. Poc Fada is a game where you see who can hit the sliotar the furthest with the hurl. It was part of our Seachtain na Gaeilge events which also included a Table Quiz and a Céilí. Both Ash and Birch loved the competition - and congrats to T.J. And Jack for winning!

Starting on Monday 21st Careers Week started bringing the students to think about what they want to do in the future. Even the teachers showed the students what they wanted to be if they weren’t a teachers. Some students needed a bit of guidance, so the school invited a few speakers in to talk about their jobs. Examples of the speakers who came in include:

-A person from UCD

-A person from WIT

-A Lieutenant

-A Garda

-A Pilot

-An artist

-A singer

-A Paramedic

Visit from Artist, Sarah Bowie

Sarah Bowie helps the aspiring artists grow their talents!

Contemporary Irish artist Mary Wallace is best known for her unique and vibrant mixed media paintings. Inspiration comes from ordinary everyday things which she makes extraordinary; intrigued by Japanese art and culture which also informs her work. Using ancient art media in a novel way colour is suspended in beeswax making for an opulent visual experience especially when paired with pure gold. Her imaginative style is abstract and surreal.

The artist Sarah Bowie taught the 1st year students about comic creation and story writing. She taught the students in the art class how to weave, and weaving is Weaving is a method of textile production in which two distinct sets of yarns or threads are interlaced at right angles to form a fabric or cloth. Other methods are knitting, crocheting, felting, and braiding or plaiting.

Sarah Bowie is an illustrator, author and cartoonist from Dublin who is most known for her comics, with her most known comic being “we’re going to the zoo” “let’s see Ireland!” and “David Bowie is not my uncle!”

She gave the students adjectives and will tell us to draw out what they think those would look like together.

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